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Eating Sustainable Classroom Challenge

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Teachers, register your class for the Moo Crew Eating Sustainably Challenge 2022 and win Grass-Growing kits for every class in your school! This challenge will inspire pupils to make positive sustainable choices both in school and at home. Activities will be rewarded with points and our Live Leader Board will keep everyone on their toes. The challenge runs from Monday 28th March to Friday 1st April.

Complete Tasks to Earn Points

There are two types of activity,

  • Class activities recorded by teachers earn 30 points.
  • Home activities recorded by parents earn 5 points.

Simply share your unique class link with parents and they can assign tasks and allocate points to their child (Parents do not need to register any details that identify them or their child).

The more tasks that are completed at home and at school the higher your chances of winning the challenge.

  • We planted herbs or vegetables at home. Check Icon
  • We ate locally grown food e.g. eggs, honey or cheese. Check Icon
  • We made an effort to reduce our single-use plastic at home. Check Icon
  • We shopped for in season fruits or vegetables. Check Icon

Compete Against Schools Nationwide

The Eating Sustainably Challenge is inclusive and provides opportunities for everyone to get involved. Schools across the country will compete against each other, providing teachers, pupils and parents with the motivation to aim for their personal best.

Track Your Classroom Position

Motivate your students, show progress, share results, and foster gentle competition with the Eating Sustainably Live Leader board! The School Leader board will track progress against classes in your own school (only visible to your school). A National Leader Board will display the top twenty schools participating nationally.
Eating Sustainable Classroom Challenge